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“My Favorite New Game” –

KnifeTank: The Shüffling is the first game by Doctor Popular. It easily fits in your pocket, but can turn any tabletop into a family friendly strategy game.

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KnifeTank: The Shüffling is a game about a tank with knives… what else do you need to know?!

TREAD THROUGH THE BATTLEFIELD and CUT THROUGH YOUR ENEMIES on your way to ULTIMATE VICTORY in KNIFETANK: The SHÜFFLING! Use BOLD MANEUVERS to reach your opponent’s side of the table! Deploy literal CUTTING EDGE WEAPONRY to CRUSH THEIR TANKS and STEAMROLL THEIR DREAMS of victory! BLOW AWAY the competition with SPECIAL CARDS; no two games will be the same!

IT’S ALL IN THE CARDS: everything you need to CUT DOWN THE COMPETITION is right here in the KnifeTank deck! Play 1-on-1, or team up with a friend for FOUR PLAYER ACTION! Select your tank, choose your strategy, slice your way to victory!

Players start each game by picking their favorite KnifeTank cards and placing them on opposing sides of a table. Some tanks, like the Chaos and Classic tank, are more balanced, while others may have faster treads, but shorter reach. Pick the style that’s fun for you.

Each player has a hand of five action cards, which consist of 3 different types of actions: Move, Stab, or Special. There are no turns in KnifeTank, players choose an action card from their hand and simultaneously reveal it. All actions are then resolved.

Read the rules, FAQ, ratings, and more on Remember to add the game to your collection and/or rate it on BGG too!

Need more KnifeTank in your life? Pick up an embroidered patch too!

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2 reviews for KnifeTank: The Shüffling card game

  1. Dave Adams

    “My family loves Knifetank. I backed the Kickstarter so I already own. My 9 year old son loves to play it with me as does my wife. Great fun for any ages, quick play, and matches play out quite differently each time from all out bashes in the middle, to races to the finish, to hunt and evade. Really fun game I highly recommend!!!” – Dave Adams on Facebook

  2. Andi Lennon

    “Part strategic hand management affair, part gonzo dexterity game- Knifetank is the epitome of small box throwaway fun. The work of the singularly demented Doctor Popular, in the grimdark future of Knifetank, there is only war. War and cool heavy metal fonts.” – Andi Lennon writing for Mongol Cult (this really is a review to read, check it out!)

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